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In addition to its internal uses, Manuka honey also has many topical applications.  However, its stickiness makes it impractical at times when applying it to directly the skin.  A viable solution to this problem is using skin care products that contain Manuka honey as a functional ingredient.  Manuka honey skin creams are equally as effective as using pure Manuka by itself, without the sticky mess.  

Research shows that Manuka honey can be diluted up to a hundred times and still maintain its effectiveness.  This stability factor makes it ideal as a main ingredient in skin creams without the risk of it losing its potency.  

Honeymark offers a variety of high-end Manuka honey creams including Acne Cream, Anti-Itch Cream, Anti-Fungal Cream and First Aid Antiseptic Lotion.  These are registered OTC products that were manufactured in an FDA inspected and registered laboratory.  Even though the FDA doesn’t permit Manuka honey to be listed in the active ingredients list, it is a key ingredient in making these products unique and superior to other similar products that are sold in pharmacies.  

Unlike many other OTC (over-the-counter) products, Honeymark products are made with all-natural ingredients.  Many skin creams that can be purchased at local pharmacies contain synthetic and chemical ingredients that can be harmful to the skin.  Honeymark chemists have worked very hard to develop Manuka honey-based skincare products that are equally as effective but contain “clean and green” ingredients.  

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